Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wacktoons characters

  • The Garner siblings
Gabby: The oldest brother and most talkative
Hungry: A voracious brother who has an appetite for anything
Cutie: The more cuter of the siblings.
Baby: The youngest of them all.

  • Carl Chipmunk
A crotchety old toon from the 1940s, trying to live a daily life with a few mishaps along the way.

  • Pinky the Platypus
Carl's adoptive son and his polar opposite. While Carl is grumpy, old and not so smart in modern days, Pinky is optimistic, cheerful, nice and smart.

  • Manly Dan
A boisterous, crazy, arrogant and sometimes soft muscular man who lives in a condo with Weak Wally

  • Weak Wally
Manly Dan's more smarter and gentler sidekick and roommate. He's always trying to talk some sense into his friend, often ending in him getting flattened like a pancake.

  • Count Mockula
An evil scientist/vampire/filmmaker who creates rip-offs of more mainstream films.

  • Maurice
A genetically altered meerkat with an IQ of 9,999 who plots for world domination.

  • Frank
A genetically altered elephant who is Maurice's lab partner and friend. He is more incompetent than Maurice.  

  • Boss Rex
A Tyrannosaurus Rex who is a former mob boss who, along with his two henchmen try to find new jobs.

  • Squinty
A Pteranadon who is one of Boss Rex's henchmen.

  • Morty
An Allosaurus who is one of Boss Rex's henchmen and Squinty's best friend.

  • Pingo
A penguin who's brain was switched with that of Amelia Earheart.

  • Joe and Moe
Two bumbling Skua birds who both have an interest for opera and preform their own.

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