Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Honest Trailers parody: Sonic Boom

In 1991, a gaming legend was introduced as the secondary sworn enemy to Nintendo's Mario and that was Sonic the Hedgehog! Now in 2014, our little blue blur has returned.....now with extra sports tape! What you thought turning into a Nathan Drake clone wasn't enough?

Join Sonic, his friend, a new character which everyone believed to be a redesign of Marine the Raccoon and various colorful characters as they battle the evil Dr. Robot...I mean Eggman! Who doesn't even look like an egg anymore, I guess someone has been working out.

See Sonic and the gang on endless adventures on a new cartoon show on the one and only Cartoon Network which really needs to get back on it's feet a bit. Seriously guys, renewing Johnny Test was one thing but RUINING THE REPUTATION OF A FAMOUS ANIMATED SERIES BASED OFF OF A DC COMICS TEAM IS DIGGING YOUR GRAVE EVEN DEEPER!

You can also buy two new games for the Wii U and 3DS: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal! But I would recommend the 3DS version as the Wii U one is glitchy but still isn't as glitchy as Sonic 06.

If you were born without a TV or video games in your life you can check out the new comic book series by Archie, the guys who've brought Mary-Sues, recolors, cheap fanfics and so much more. And whoever hired that jerk Ken Penders needs to be dragged to the place where Bruce Wayne's parents were killed and shot. And Penders too.


Nathan Drake,

Numbah Two,

Hulk Hogan,

Princess Peach,

Rescuers Down Under reject

And Porco Rosso.

Sonic Boom: speeding your way to television, gaming consoles and printing presses now!

So. if the TV show was given a better time slot, maybe it would've saved the network! I am the most genius man ever! That way, we can bring back all the great shows they screwed over like Thundercats, Green Lantern and Young Justice. But it's not likely to happen as kids today "don't want this." LIES!!!!

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